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Monday, 19 October 2009


Hello everyone! I am Manfred, I am an art student currently studying at Leeds University, currently on one of our module, we are doing self promotion on the website, therefore now I have start up quite a lot of design/artist accounts on the web, so I would like everyone to take a look at it, and help comment on them and help me build up my own profile as an artist/designer, I would much appreciate it.

A little bit about me then, I am 20 years old at the moment as it won't last forever, and as you can see, I am an old man now, so I need to take things more seriously now and needs to be more mature, therefore, if I am going to succeed on my carreer, or even get a job to earn a living, I have to start promoting myself from now and advertising myself. Sorry for all these waffling anyway, this is new to me, so I just do as it goes by.

I love to do some painting, photography, and digital designing during my free time and of course I am a lover of football as well! I did product design during A level, so I have a little bit experience about how to design products, identify problems and solving problems.

So, these are the website that I have used to help promoting myself, I hope everyone who looked at it won't feel too bored on it and hope you will like some of my work somehow, there will be however more interesting work on the way, watch this space. Thanks a lot


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