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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Geometry For Design?

So, Geometry has been said to be very important as part of the design for alomost everything around your life, and here is what I think my design can prove to be important for the industry of design and the "need" for industry.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Beauty Of Panorama Photo

Leeds University is where I study, so I have to take some photos of the surroundings at that area.
The Parkinson building, Halo, the church and the hubble telescope are beautifully taken

Apparently, one of the scene in Star Wars were filmed at the Roger Stevens Building at Leeds Uni, Now that's what I call beauty!

The Beauty of City scape at Leeds Uni

The Beauty of perspective on the 4 x 4 wheels.

Red Star Harehills! We play beautiful football, with perfect pitch, a beautiful clear sky and that's why I call it beauty!

Long Exposure works on Nokia N97? now that's why I call this beauty! Parkinson shining under the dawn!

The Beauty of the dawn at Leeds Uni... with lights shinning over Parkinson building

The Beauty of the red rose, under the dawn again

Stokesley Agricultural Show, always been held in a beautiful fashion! that's what I call beaty!

The changes of tones on the ceilings with just the right lighting with my paintings, that is why I call it beauty!

The beautiful perspective of one end of cars to the other end.

The beauty of the end of summer, autumn is coming which is why, the sky looks slightly "cold"
The Beautiful changed of colours of the sky at Stokesley with the Broughton Moor, Kirby Hills, Busby Hills popping out from the beautiful landscape

Beautiful changed of colours of the sunset again at Stokesley.

Now, this picture was taken whilst I was doing some of the craziest amounts of distance of running (17miles) and had to stopped and ask my parents for a lift because of tiredness, so I saw this beautiful perspective with nice sky colour, so I took a snapshot of panorama straight up.
This one is better in my opinion

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Random Design for Football Boots Advertising

Random Ads 1 with Kaka

Random Ads 2 with Rooney

Random Ads 3

Random Ads 4 with Bernabeu
Random Ads 5 with Adidas Tunit F50

Random Ads 6 with Ronaldo

Random Ads 7

Random Ads 8 with Ronaldo

Random Ads 9 with Ronaldo

Random Ads 10 with Defoe

New Design For Adidas, Nike and Puma Football Boots

Right, these are the football boots I have re-designed from all the Nike or Adidas or Puma boots and to be honest quite a few of them I think should make it to the "meerkat", they looks cool and I am sure the football boots user will love it!

The First Boot (S9 Lightning Spirale) - Originally the boots are Nike, but I made it into these different colours of zebra stripes but I called it lightning because its stripes combinations with the colour.

The Second Boots (S9 England V1.00) - This is my favourite design of all of them, the blue in particular suits the whole thing very much, plus it's england! who wouldn't want to buy it? And South Africa 2010 is coming, this will suits the players just fine! original boots are Nike Tunit +F50

The Third Boot (S9 Lightning Touch v1.00)- This style is inspired by puma style, it's curvy and it's easy design, the best colour for this will be the grey and black, and pink and green, the pink and green suits Sampdoria and Palermo (teams from serie A)

The fourth boots (S9 Cheetah T90) - I love the name, since the design looks like cheetah's spot, so it is obvious why I call this S9 Cheetah T90, T90 just purely because the boot is made for Nike T90 which is the one Rooney wears.

The Fifth Boot (S9 Zoom v1.00) - Ok, this is my least favourite design, so that's why it didn't made it to my final 4 poster design. but the light green one definately caught my attention, which it reminds me of what C.Ronaldo is wearing now, the gree Nike air.

Poster Deisgn for S9 Lightning Touch V1.00

Poster Design for S9 Cheetah T90 (My favourite poster design of all)

Advertising design S9 England V1.00

Advertising Design for S9 Lightning Spirale
Final Design for S9 Cheetah T90 (Overall, the best of all, with silky style design and nice composition, and to top it all, Lionel Messi as the footie boot model, perfect!

My Seven Deadly SIns Photos

ok, this will be my first sets of work i am going to post, it's straight forward, it's the seven sins, many people has done it before, see what you think about the work. I would be deeply appreciated to whoever leave a comments on.Wrath - The idea of darkness, and an angry person who wants vengeance
Sloth - ok, we (the models and me) actually made a real mess in the kitchen, and also wasted a lot of cakes and nutella, but the idea was them eating too much and getting lazy, that's why their feet were up there

Pride - My faourite, the idea of a luxurios guy who have full of ££ and blings, so he loves himself as well, so the mirror was included

Lust - Ok, this is a hard one to do, cause no one would do anything like that in front of camera, unless they are proffessionally paid, so this is a tiny model I bought from Amsterdam, YES! amsterdam! which we had great time there.

Greed - Ok, This is a guy who is greedy and loves his money, so I asked him to have this greedy expression, which he did good on, one of my favourite.

Gluttony - We got to give credit to Teresa, who actually made a real mess of her own face and her precious hair, I asked her to eat agressively and messy so she did just that! the whole kitchen is in real mess and she was in real mess!

Envy - Ok, I wasn't a good model at all, am I? what kind of pose is that from me? but when I looked back, I shouldn't have put my hoodies on, but the idea is about the gap between people who lives in council house and a mansion which reflect the guy who wears the hoodies and suits.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Why Women Live Longer Then Men

Hahaha we end up with this is my favourite one!!!

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