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Saturday, 7 November 2009

My Seven Deadly SIns Photos

ok, this will be my first sets of work i am going to post, it's straight forward, it's the seven sins, many people has done it before, see what you think about the work. I would be deeply appreciated to whoever leave a comments on.Wrath - The idea of darkness, and an angry person who wants vengeance
Sloth - ok, we (the models and me) actually made a real mess in the kitchen, and also wasted a lot of cakes and nutella, but the idea was them eating too much and getting lazy, that's why their feet were up there

Pride - My faourite, the idea of a luxurios guy who have full of ££ and blings, so he loves himself as well, so the mirror was included

Lust - Ok, this is a hard one to do, cause no one would do anything like that in front of camera, unless they are proffessionally paid, so this is a tiny model I bought from Amsterdam, YES! amsterdam! which we had great time there.

Greed - Ok, This is a guy who is greedy and loves his money, so I asked him to have this greedy expression, which he did good on, one of my favourite.

Gluttony - We got to give credit to Teresa, who actually made a real mess of her own face and her precious hair, I asked her to eat agressively and messy so she did just that! the whole kitchen is in real mess and she was in real mess!

Envy - Ok, I wasn't a good model at all, am I? what kind of pose is that from me? but when I looked back, I shouldn't have put my hoodies on, but the idea is about the gap between people who lives in council house and a mansion which reflect the guy who wears the hoodies and suits.

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  1. Manfred, I love the photograph of the girls eating, with their feet in the foreground of your image. There is a distorted feel to this image and the black and white colour range is also really effective.
    Great work

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