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Saturday, 7 November 2009

Random Design for Football Boots Advertising

Random Ads 1 with Kaka

Random Ads 2 with Rooney

Random Ads 3

Random Ads 4 with Bernabeu
Random Ads 5 with Adidas Tunit F50

Random Ads 6 with Ronaldo

Random Ads 7

Random Ads 8 with Ronaldo

Random Ads 9 with Ronaldo

Random Ads 10 with Defoe


  1. I really like these, especially the first one - the colours are simple but fresh and I think the graduated white to turquoise is effective - it immediately makes me think of the sky, which I associate on a metaphorical level with aspiration; and also water, fluidity and movement - all essential things in sport.

    However, I think your images are strong enough to simply be that - images. So perhaps experimetn with not using text? It may encourage your audience to 'consider' your work more.

  2. thanks for advice! i will take that into account!


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